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1 Nov 2022 at 18:09

Ural 4320-1912-40 zalk edition version 1.0 for Spintires: MudRunner (v25.02.21)

Ural 4320-1912-40 is a dual-purpose off-road truck with a 6 × 6 wheel arrangement.

- 9 own addons;
- 5 default trailers.

The mod has:

- Steering wheel animation;
- There is no water and dirt in the cabin;
- Carries 4+4, 3+4, 4+3, 3+3;
- Has a high permeability.

22 Jul 2022 at 15:03

d3d12.dll для SpintiresMod version test for Spintires: MudRunner (v25.02.21)

d3d12.dll for SpintiresMod. Only for windows 7.

23 May 2022 at 12:56

Fog reduction version 1.0 for Spintires: MudRunner (v18.10.17)

With this mod you can reduce the fog and improve the graphics in the game.

16 Apr 2022 at 17:07

Real appearance of standard machines version 1 for Spintires: MudRunner (v29.01.18)

The mod changes the appearance of default cars to the real one: mainly changes in the radiator grilles.

Everything works in multiplayer, BUT: if the mod is not installed on other players, they will see your modified machines incorrectly. Therefore, to play in multiplayer, it is recommended to install it for all players.

At the moment, the pack contains modified models, textures and billboards for the following machines
Kirovets K-700

Missing (will remain unchanged):

Files from the folder "in" copy to the MeshCache by agreeing to a replacement.
Files from the folder "in" copy to the TextureCache by agreeing to a replacement.
Files from the folder "in" copy to archive (or to the Media folder) agreeing to a replacement.

There are original files in the archive to be able to return to their original state.

Authors: Den Huan, Toxa43Rus (Gaz-66), Anton_23_ (UAZ).
Build in a pack: Khan.

16 Apr 2022 at 17:01

Dynamic weather version Build VICTOR (v35) for Spintires: MudRunner (v29.01.18)

"Dynamic Summer" includes:
- Dynamic rain generator, from light to heavy downpour with storm effect
- Dynamic wind generator capable of generating strong gusts and turbulent wind
- Dynamic thunder and lightning generator with moving storm fronts
- Dynamic mud generator. Replaces by default with a more complex one, with mud chunks, spraying and splashing
- Dynamic water generator replaces the default for a more complex and realistic water splashing effect
- New mud and water physics for more challenging realistic gameplay

This is a very sophisticated weather generator capable of creating any weather from a sunny day to an extremely strong thunderstorm and a downpour of biblical proportions with strong winds. Storms have a center that moves slowly, and the wind comes from that point along with a potential random crosswind to spice things up. The wind, like any rain that can fall, depends on everything from exhaust gases, leaves, dirt to water particles. The Dynamic Mud system is tied to a weather generator, so that over time the ground becomes soaked, turning what would normally be mud into mud and making the mud smoother. With new features in ST:M, heavy rain affects how slippery the terrain will add a new level of integration!

Dynamic dirt has also improved significantly and, thanks to the included additional graphics in ST:M, chunks and drops of dirt are now produced that fall (or are thrown) onto the wheel and stick to it. The size, color and texture depend on how deep the wheel was in the mud or how much dirt was displaced.

It can be combined with any weather modification mods: fog adjustment, sun brightness, etc.
Together with SpinTiresMod.exe it doesn't work correctly! The author recommends using this weather without SpinTiresMod.exe !

Mod Management:
The mod is activated and deactivated by pressing the "G" button on the keyboard (the signal in the game)

Installation method:
Move the contents of the Media folder to the Media folder of the game, or to the archive .
Move the contents of the TextureCache folder to the TextureCache games.

Attention! Before installing the mod, make a backup copy of these folders!

Authors: Templar GFX, Draconus.

13 Apr 2022 at 16:38

Correct dirt version 2 for Spintires: MudRunner (v18/05/21)

Brings the behavior of dirt in the game closer to reality.

Now, if you fly into the mud at full speed, respectively, mud splashes heavily stain the car, when slipping and driving through mud on high gear as well, but to a lesser extent, well, etc., depending on the selected speed mode.
The mud splashes themselves and their physics have been made more realistic, ridiculous lumps on wheels have been removed (thanks to Soul Reaver for that) and dry small hard lumps flying out from under the wheels, only slush has been left, its intensity has been increased at gears 1+ and higher.
Pollution on cars now has volume, which also adds realism.

I recommend using it with the following additions, it will greatly darken the visual effects of the new dirt:
SweetFX graphics improvement
Always the sun+Fog Reduction+Blue sky
Removing graphics noise

To work in multiplayer:
Do not install SweetFX. Use SpinTiresMod.exe with the original files in the game disabled.
PS. Many thanks for the help to Alexander Oboskalov.

In case you don't like it, the archives of the game Media, MeshCache, TextureCache copy and save in a separate folder.
Copy files from the downloaded archive to the game archives, agreeing to a replacement.
In any unclear situation, we clean the cache.

Have a nice ride!

13 Apr 2022 at 13:08

MudRunner Mod Pack version 3.8 for Spintires: MudRunner (v25.02.21)

With this modpack you will get all the useful mods at once. It is much more convenient to store just one file on a computer than dozens of files and folders. There are two versions in the pack: for Steam and EGS.

1) Launch MudRunnerModPack.exe
2) Specify the path to the game.
3) Choose the modifications you like.
4) Click "Install".
5) Enjoy the game.
A detailed installation video can be found below.

When reinstalling MudRunner Mod Pack, be sure to delete the previous installation using the shortcut that was created on the desktop. If for some reason you deleted it, then delete it through the "Add and Remove programs".

Also, after installation, folders will appear in the root folder with the game:
- "Media_level" - installation of custom maps;
- "Media_mod" - installation of custom mods;
- "Media_sounds" - setting sounds;
- "TextureCache" - installation of textures.

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